It all started with a goat named Henrietta...

Fueled by his hatred of being a yes man in a lab coat, British fragrance chemist Bruce Dolby and his wife Margaret upended what would have been a lucrative career to live a simple life with family. And so, the Dolbys left the 9-5 and settled in rural Kent.

To help maintain their overgrown new garden, a neighbour gifted the Dolbys with Henrietta to assist in mowing the grass. She was lovely, but she also needed to eat healthy goaty food, and much to his dismay Bruce discovered there was no ready-made option in the shops. With his pregnant wife, no roof on the house, and no money, Bruce thought: “I’ll do it myself!” And they just, kept, going. First goat feed, then milk cartons and pasteurisers, and eventually cheese making products. It became a family affair, and Cheese & Yogurt Making was born.

Our core values were shaped by our roots. We know the difference between quality and quantity and the value of family and working together because we’ve lived it. Over the last 40 years, we’ve helped everyone from small independent farmers looking to fight back against big supermarkets to large dairies finding new profits by turning to cheesemaking. Today we supply award-winning cheesemakers worldwide with the highest quality supplies at the best prices, all online and shipped from our family factory in the beautiful village of Smarden.

We’re committed to letting the spirit of our past guide us in helping to produce a better living for our farmers and a better product for cheese lovers everywhere for generations to come.




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