Cheese Wax - Various Colours

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The original protective coating that is simply melted prior to use. These food-grade waxes are provided in flat slabs with each slab providing sufficient wax to cover and protect many cheeses.

To melt the wax, the simplest method is to use a 'bains-marie'. Alternatively put the wax in a suitable basin and stand the basin in hot/boiling water until it becomes liquefied. Cheeses may then be painted using e.g. a pastry brush, or dipped in the molten wax to cover and protect the surfaces. Once coated, allow the cheese to cool by standing on some form of support e.g. a cake rack: once cool, invert the cheese and re-coat.

Presented in either 1kg, 5kg or 25kg quantities, it is available in a choice of colours; red, yellow, green, black and clear.

Please note that the clear (transparent) wax is naturally a pale amber colour when sold. However, unlike the yellow wax, it contains no pigments and will therefore melt to a produce a virtually colourless film - perfect for cheeses that have a surface coating.

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