Hard cheese mould kit set of 4 moulds - large mould with follower, cylinder mould with follower, mini square pan, cheddar mould

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The essential mould collection for the serious cheesemaker wanting to achieve professional cheese results providing great value.
4 x cheesemaking moulds for the production of HARD CHEESES
  • Large mould with follower (mould 22) this is one of our larger moulds, measuring 205mm diameter, and 155mm tall. Ideal for the production of a wide range of large hard and semi hard cheeses, including Cheddar, Stilton etc.
  • Cylinder base with follower (mould 30) known as a Tommé mould and is a large cylindrical mould with a closed base. It has an internal diameter of 135mm with a height of 65mm enabling it to produce a relatively 'flat' round cheese of over 600g.
  • Mini square pan mould (mould 36) this mould is 130mm square, with a height of 105mm and is capable of producing just over 1kg of cheese. This mould also comes with a follower as standard and is great for making a wide variety of square cheeses with beautifully rounded edges.
  • 1kg Cheddar Mould (mould 44) this heavy duty mould is drilled with numerous holes to allow the whey to escape. It is well suited to making Cheddar and other semi-hard and hard cheeses. It comes with a follower to aid when pressing the cheese.

    The mould is 140 diameter, with a height of 110mm and can make up to 1kg of cheese.

All our mould are manufactured from special 'Dairythene' plastic for easy sterilisation.

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