Mozzarella & Ricotta Cheesemaking Kit

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This complete Mozzarella & Ricotta cheesemaking kit is ready to go - just add milk!

Beautifully presented it makes a perfect gift!


  • Rennet Powder (vegetarian) x 100g
  • Citric Acid x 100g
  • Organic Cheese Salt x 100g
  • Pan clip thermometer with both °C and °F measurements
  • Superior muslin cloth with oversewn edges - won't fray, longer lasting
  • Recipe/information booklet

The kit comprises:

1 x cheesecloth, measuring 760mm square for hanging up the curds and allowing the whey to fully drain. This cheesecloth has all 4 edges oversewn with overlocked stitching to ensure that it can be washed again and again without any fraying.

1 x 100g cheese salt - Salt plays an important role in cheesemaking. It acts as a preservative, inhibits undesirable bacteria growth, helps draw whey from the curd and also plays a big part in the final flavour of the cheese. This organic sea salt is de-iodised,
which is important, as iodine prevents lactic bacteria you need in cheesemaking.

1 x 100g rennet powder - Vegetarian Rennet - Also known as microbial rennet, this vegetarian friendly rennet powder helps the curds to set and is an integral part of the cheesemaking process. For optimum results, please store in the fridge.

1 x 100g Citric Acid - A Monohydrate food grade citric acid. The purpose of Citric acid is as its name suggests, to acidify the milk. By lowering the pH of the milk you cause the milk to separate into solids (curds) and liquid (whey).

1 x recipe booklet.

1 x Pan clip thermometer.

For a step-by-step guide see these fantastic videos...

See the kit in action here - Mozzarella

 See the kit in action here - Ricotta


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