Cream Cheese Recipe

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Cream Cheese Recipe

When choosing your milk, finding a rich creamy style will help with the final texture and flavour you are looking for- in this case high in fat is good!


• 4 litres of milk (use a creamy milk like Jersey Gold Top) 
• ¼ tsp Direct-set Mesophilic Culture (such as our Aroma B) 2 tbsp Starter Solution 
• 5 drops Rennet (animal or vegetable) or 1 tsp of rennet powder
• Cheese Salt 
• Cheese Moulds (Such as our mould no.15)
• Sterilise all equipment


1) Heat milk in a pan to 24°C.

2) Stir in the starter solution or culture and leave off the heat for 1 hour. 

3) Dilute the rennet in a 60ml of boiled water that has been allowed to cool or bottled water and add to the milk, making sure to stir gently. Cover the pot with a lid and leave in a warm place for 12 hours. 

4) Now the curds should be set. Gently ladle the curds into a cheese cloth and leave to drain for a further 12 hours. 

5) Place curds in a bowl and mix in a sprinkle of cheese salt to taste. This will also draw more whey from the curd. Hang again in the cheese cloth for a couple more hours. 

6) Place the curds into small moulds and place in the fridge. This will firm up the texture of the cream cheese and it is now ready to enjoy. We recommend our mould no.15 for this though you can use ramekins if you prefer. You will probably need a couple of moulds to do the job.

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