Mozzarella cheese recipe

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Mozzarella cheese recipe


  • 1 gallon milk- leave out to reach room temperature, do not use ultra-pasteurized
  • 8 drops premium strength liquid rennet
  • 3/4 cup unchlorinated water (bottled water will be fine)
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons citric acid for cheese making
  • 1 teaspoon cheese salt
  • Some ice


  • Large pot- stainless steel ideally, for heating milk
  • Measuring cups
  • Cheese Making Dairy Thermometer
  • Knife- for cutting curds
  • Strainer/colander
  • Slotted Spoon
  • 1 medium sized bowl
  • Microwave


  1. Add citric acid to water then add to gallon of milk in pan.
  2. Heat SLOWLY ON A LOW HEAT to 90-92 degrees Fahrenheit and remove from heat.
  3. Add 8 drops of premium liquid rennet (or more as per instructions for weaker rennet), stirring slowly for a few seconds.
  4. Cover and leave for 15 minutes or until you see the curd has set and it will ‘break’ when cut. (You will know this by putting your finger into the curd and being able to pull it open without it sticking to you.)
  5. Cut the curd with the knife into 1 inch (approx) squares and leave for five minutes, to help the curds continue to form.
  6. Put back on heat and bring up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit (careful not to go over 110 degrees and beyond, it will start to cook it!). The whey will continue to be extracted from the curd.
  7. Lift the curds into the strainer/colander using the slotted spoon, allowing as much whey as possible to drain back into the pot as you transfer the curd. Leave for 5 minutes.
  8. Using your hand, hold the curd and drain off the rest of the whey (pressing gently) and transfer to a bowl.
  9. Microwave for 1 minute, and remove. Drain the whey, again using your hand to press out the curd a little to help with removing the liquid. NOTE: BE CAREFUL, USE CAUTION AS CURD CAN GET EXTREMELY HOT. IF IN DOUBT, USE RUBBER GLOVES.
  10. Knead gently, folding the curd into itself a few times. Microwave again for 30 seconds.
  11. Remove from microwave, drain whey, and repeat kneading of curd. If it begins to stretch, start to work the mozzarella by stretching it out. If it is breaking up, microwave again for 20 seconds until it is soft and pliable. Always drain off surplus whey as you work.
  12. Add the salt and work it into the ball of cheese by kneading and folding the cheese into itself again. Knead into a ball and it should become shiny and smooth to the eye. If it breaks apart reheat again for 20 seconds, it must remain smooth and supple.
  13. Place in a ice bowl for 15 minutes to cool it.
  14. Eat and joy, or store wrapped in plastic wrap for up to one week. However, eaten straight away when fresh will be best!

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