Cheese Mould No.32 - Jumbo Gouda

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We supply a range of cheese moulds that are all manufactured from special 'Dairythene' plastic for easy sterilisation.

Each mould is drilled with holes to allow the whey to escape. In production these moulds are usually lined with a cheese cloth prior to filling with curd and set on a cheese mat to ensure complete drainage: this is especially important if the cheese is pressed.

This mould is a professional, full-sized Gouda mould. It is exceptionally heavy duty, with a curved base and a matching curved follower and is equipped with reinforcing ribs to withstand high pressure, with a material thickness at the rim of 11mm.

The internal diameter is approx.195mm at the widest point with a height in excess of 200mm. The mould will produce the typical slightly compressed 'ball' shaped cheeses - such as Gouda and Edam.

The follower is slotted so that it can lock in place into the base of second Mould so that they can be stacked, one on top of another, during the pressing.

Depending upon the quantity of curd used, a cheese of 3kg or more should easily be able to be produced. Finish this cheese off professionally by applying a layer of wax or cheese coating.

Please note - All our cheese moulds are sold and priced individually

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