Digital Thermometer for Cheesemaking

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This pen-shaped thermometer is free of mercury and is especially useful in food preparation - in particular for cheese and yogurt production. It is an economical yet robust thermometer, ideal for the kitchen and has measurements in both ºC (Celsius) and ºF (Fahrenheit).

The thermometer features a stainless steel penetration probe (120mm) and is surrounded by a heavy-duty plastic case. The case is also fitted with a click-top that has a moulded clip on the side. This means the thermometer can be safely carried by being simply clipped to a breast pocket.

The thermometer is accurate to within 1ºC and should form a vital part of the equipment of any kitchen where cheese, yogurt or other dairy products are made.

It has a range of -49.9ºC to 149.9ºC, so should cover nearly all dairy applications.

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