Cheesecloths Disposable Blue Cloths

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These blue disposable cheesecloths are 600mm wide and 900mm long. They are presented in resealable packs of either 5, 10 or 20.

The cheese cloths are manufactured from a special food-grade polyethylene that is produced from 100% virgin polymer. Being designed exclusively for food contact, there is no recycled material used in their production.

In addition, they do not contain any plasticizers or other additives that could leach out into the cheese, even after a prolonged time period. This also means that the cheesecloth has no taste or aroma that could ever be transferred onto the cheese.

In use, the cloth is placed over the mould with the smooth side facing inwards and the curd then added: the cloth is then folded over the top and the mould then placed under the press.

They can also be used for wrapping certain cheeses that require prolonged storage. The smooth surface on the cloth ensures that it is easily and cleanly removed from the cheese after both storage and pressing.

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